• Mobile barcode scanning & Inventory counting

    The best Mobile inventory barcode scanning app

    1. Replace dedicated scanners & optimize your processes.
    2. Count, sync and update your inventory 
    3. Export your data to a file email or sync

  • So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something built for people that handle inventory. A tool that makes it easy and clear how to manage your business.

    Think of Invtry as best practices by default.

  • What does it do?

    Barcode scanning, inventory counting, data exports

    Reduce costs

    For many businesses, dealing with inventory counting of any kind is a time-consuming and an inefficient process, prone to human error. Simply the investment in dedicated barcode scanning devices is a short term fix that cannot be upgraded over time.

    Reduce errors

    Automating your inventory management process with mobile barcode scanning greatly reduces the level of human error associated with manually counting inventory.

    Reduce pain

    Immediately deploy our easy to use inventory counting app. Be it an incoming shipment or out going shipment or just counting what you have on hand. By enabling employees to use their mobile devices or business-issued mobile devices you will benefit in so many ways from reducing hardware costs, human error, and simplifying business processes. Empower your employees to update stock or inventory levels, get detailed product information or create a replenishment order.

  • How It Works

    Mobile platform for counts, stock takes, picking lists and order fulfillment



    Download the app to start counting in seconds.


    Get work done

    Count inventory, make adjustments or make a restock list.



    Sync your counts directly into your Shopify account. Export your counts to a data file, or sync to dropbox.